Community Service

Ocean Academy is a community high school, and we believe volunteer work and community involvement are part of a well-rounded individual's education.  All students donate a minimum of 45 community service hours by high-school graduation.


Click here to see photos. Ocean Academy student volunteers have done many activites already, such as:

  • Paint tree identification signs for the Caye Caulker Mini-Nature Reserve. Plant a mahogany tree in the reserve.
  • Clear trails, beach clean-up, and weed coconut saplings with Half Moon Caye rangers and Audubon Society.
  • Work alongside international volunteer groups to paint murals and do construction work at Ocean Academy.
  • Join the Caye Caulker Environmental club and participate in their activities and projects.
  • Organize Christmas games and a summer daycamp for younger children.
  • Announce and score keep at the community Friday Night Basketball Competitions.