School Supply donations

*Please contact us before mailing school supplies.  We have to pay hefty import duties if items are not properly labelled* 

We have enough pens and pencils - thank you.

Our preference is for travellers to Belize to carry down supplies in their suitcases.  If you have extra space in your luggage, please contact us with your location and travel dates. 


Not planning a trip to Belize but still want to donate supplies?  We can connect donors with USA/Canada travellers to Belize who have extra luggage space.  You ship to their home addresses and they bring down school supplies on your behalf. 




Top 10  (updated August 15, 2014) 

Special Request before September:  20 computer keyboard tents - $13 each (covers up keyboard so students can't see keys, and instead learn to touch type)



1. Speakers - teachers really need 3 high-quality speaker sets to use with laptops when showing videos. 


2. Books


English Novels (25 is a class set): Miguel Street (V.S. Naipaul), Green Days by the River (Michael Anthony), Old Story Time (Trevor Rhone), No Turning Back (Beverley Naidoo),  Lottery Rose (Irene Hunt), The Rose That Grew From Concrete (Tupac Shakur).


Spanish Novels (25 of each title - used copies are as cheap as a penny, plus $4 shipping): Como agua para chocolate (Laura Esquivel),  Diarios de Motocicleta (Ernesto Che Guevara)El Principito (Antoine de St. Exupery - this is the one we most need for 2014-2015).  1 teacher copy of Mi Primer Libro de Dichos



Dictionaries: 25 Spanish-English (Collins or Oxford preferred), 10 Spanish Dictionaries (for Native Speakers), 25 English Dictionaries and Thesaurus. 


Library reading books from our Wish List.  Type in "Ocean Academy" and choose from our Top 40 - contact us for the best mailing address. 


Teacher Training: Teach Like A Champion & Teach Like A Champion Field Guide (Doug Lemov),  Creating Innovators (Tony Wagner), Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative (Ken Robinson), One Kid at a Time: Big Lessons from a Small School (Eliot Levine), The Reading Zone and Lessons that change Writers (Nancie Atwell), The Lesson Planning Book (Peter Brunn).




3. Desktop computer systems and Laptops. Contact us and we can arrange for barge shipping to get desktops to the school.  Laptops can be carry-on items. Mice: wireless or USB.  Mice Pads.  



4. Flash drives.




5. 6 All-In-One Printers for teacher use, and in computer lab.




6. HP131A (Black, Cyan, Magena, Yellow); Brother Toner TN450 Brother Toner TN450; Brother Toner TN 650: $25 refillable cartridges; HP901 ink




7.  Dry-Erase markers (any colour) and cleaning wipes




8. Double-sided Blu-tack tape, duct tape and "gorilla tape" - to attach classroom posters and displays to cement walls, and for quick school-wide repairs



9. Printing and lamination of photos. We would like to create a Pride Wall with class photos going back to 2008, media pieces, and quotes to inspire students daily.


10.  Staplers for teachers (8)




Students "earn" school supplies through our merit store.

When students do good deeds, teachers award merits.  Students "spend" these merits at our merit store to buy the supplies they need.  Many depend on the store.  This positive behavior management system has been so successful that other schools have adopted it.  In addition to the needed supplies below, our students appreciate "buying" stuffed toy animals, sports jerseys and hats, beauty products, picture frames.



Math: 3 Teacher's Geometry Sets XXL (protractor, compass, ruler), measuring tapes; white board with graph outline

Science:  digital stop watches; spring scale; magnets; rock & mineral collections; atoms & molecules kits; human anatomy models of any system; latex gloves; magnifying glasses; empty film cannisters; coloured cellophane pages; fingerprint dusting powder; copper & zinc wire or ribbon

Computers: 4 red-light pointers/indicators to use with projectors; laptops in good condition; 3 printers & ink, modem

Arts & Crafts: Kits (jewlery or holiday crafts); colored-felt markers

P.E.: beach volleyballs; basketballs; badminton team equipment

Grounds and Beautification Project if you want to purchase here in Belize: Paint brushes; floor tiles for classrooms; fencing material to enclose the campus; lights for under the school; interior security cameras; paint (interior and exterior - preference of blue, orange, white); plants and landscaping materials, classroom fans



General School Supplies

  • Spiral notebooks
  • Plastic page protectors
  • Lamination pages (we have a laminator)
  • Scissors
  • Staplers
  • Masking, clear packing tape, and scotch tape
  • Computer paper (8.5x11)
  • Heavy Card stock to make bookmarks and cards
  • Boys' black belts (for uniforms): These will be placed in the Student Merit Store and can be "bought" with merits that students earn for positive behaviours and study habits


Tuition Sponsorship

In 2010-2011, 85% of our students received financial aid or sponsorship of some kind.   In order for this reduced tuition to be possible, we need your help! Meet the students and find out why your tuition support will change their lives.